Is it any wonder…

Good evening,

Is it any wonder that I feel conflicted.
Moving from one home to another is emotionally heavy.

Are homes overpriced?  In some places the answer is yes.
Taxes are too much and make a house undesirable. It’s not worth it to me.

How does anyone survive let alone thrive living in the east coast with a modest salary? Not appetizing.

It was a good experience in seeing what the market goes for in some areas.

The houses I’ve seen on the west coast was a different story.
With my modest salary I can live like a princess. I don’t need to be a queen.
But I can thrive.
That’s exciting to me.

Well…ever day is a new lesson.

Never stop learning!!!!

But it was soo cute.
Pity that money can help and hurt.

Staying conflicted.


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