New Beginning

     It’s just a refreshing thing to finally go to work and feel no pain.
I’ve worked in the financial industry for over twenty years and been through so many ups and downs.
Management changes in the corporate world is outrageous. I couldn’t believe it. I’m not sure what’s more outrageous,  merging of offices or separating.
The corporate world is a dog eat dog world and I’ve had my share of all of it.

Management changes hit me the hardest. I went from management to treated like a piranhas. Three awful years of having to fake it with people who behave like self absorbed children. Being treated inhumanly for being a good person is hard to swallow.

But…Patience and prayer paid off.
After expressing myself I finally had an opportunity to get a transfer to a sister branch.
I had a fantastic first day in my new office. The manager is supreme and I hear and see how she treats everyone so beautiful.

So never give up on dreams.
Patience can pay off.

Blessed be!


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