Mel Shank-Auto

Doing my best today to concentrate on positive projects. My tough day is slowly turning around. I am helping my fiancee Joey and his partner Chris get their auto business up and running. They are the dirt and I am the computer. I think it’s a match made in business heaven.

I want to contribute as much as I can to help them. They are so smart and talented. It would be selfish of me to sit idle and do nothing.

So I at least want to tell you about positive projects.
Makes me happy to help.
I want to be productive.

I’d like to make a blog series of this too.
Hope you don’t mind.

I’ll be back.
Thank you for the read 🙂 !

Depression Hurts…The Commercial is True

How do I begin…
When I first saw the Cymbalta commercial years ago, I did not fully understand.
Now I do. Life has lots of hills and valleys. The usual highs and lows.

I just did not realize how strong an emotion like depression can debilitate a once happy,  content human being.

When the domino of crushing events happen, one cannot help and falter. Like me….
I’m only human with lots of flaws. That’s life right?

I have been diagnosed with depression.  I have bouts of manic behaviour.  I even have episodes of bipolar activity.
I’m still taking tests and being evaluated.
I go from A to Z in one second. From rage to sadness;  shopping to buyer’s remorse.

It’s a civil war inside. No one is winning.

And what adds more fuel is abusive treatment at my workplace.
I’ve been searching for new work for over a year. My disappointment only deepens my depression. I am unhappy in every aspect of my life.

Sadly,  even my fiancee cannot lift me up.

I do hope that you are all well out there.
I do not wish these emotions on anyone.

But right now these emotions are mine. I need to work to heal.

One of the many situations one must overcome.

Okay now…writing this has made me feel overwhelmed inside myself.

I must stop.
Until next time…be well.